The Foothills are brimming with Christmas cheer and are just waiting for you to discover all the joys of the season. Take a leisurely drive south of Calgary and discover the natural beauty as well as some extraordinary spots to take a break and find the perfect gift to set under your tree.

The first stop on this festive tour is at the Leighton Art Centre. Take in the incredible views of the eastern slopes while standing in the former living room of Alfred and Barbara Leighton. The Leighton Art Centre's gallery and gift shop is where you will find stunning, local art so you may always have a piece of the Foothills.

Keep heading south, and you'll find Spirit Hills Flower Winery. A family farm turned winery with strong European traditions, Spirit Hills is a unique and unexpected find in the hills south of Millarville. Touted as the Napa of the Foothills, their stunning winery and tasting room are a haven for connaisseurs and those new to Alberta wines. Learn about the bees, Rocky Mountain wildflowers, honey harvesting, wine making and bottling all while sampling their one-of-a-kind flower wines.

Down the road in Turner Valley, Eau Claire Distillery is home to outstanding, locally made spirits. A must try is the just released Rupert's Whisky, a true expression of the Eau Claire Distillery taste profile which pays homage to the Alberta terroir. Made with flavour in mind, no compromises were made when creating this new whisky. Open seven days a week from 11 to 5, Eau Claire Distillery is a must stop on the Cowboy Trail.

A short, and do we mean short, three kilometres away is the Town of Black Diamond – an eclectic Boomtown with a multitude of unique shops and restaurants. Bluerock Gallery is the gem on Main Street. Filled with fabulous pottery, art, books, cards, sculptures and even furniture, Bluerock shows off as many local artists as their space can hold.

Just up the block is Black Diamond Gallery where you will be treated to an almost overwhelming display of teak furniture and world art. Black Diamond Gallery is home to the one-of-a-kind Teak Rex. Find him outside the Black Diamond Gallery in an enclosure alongside other carved teak wonders like a wolf and a bear or two. This whimsical space holds so many charming wonders, be sure to give yourself enough time to teak it all in.

Time to hit the road once more and make your way back to the city, but not without first stopping at Granary Road. This year-round market truly shines during the festive season with hand-picked vendors in a stunning setting, Granary Road boasts the best of the region in dining, shopping and entertainment all under one glorious roof.

This tour stops at

Situated in A.C. and Barbara Leighton's original home, the Leighton Art Centre is a Heritage Home Museum that offers a vibrant display of Alberta's artists both past and present. With 80 acres of land..

Spirit Hills Winery is a true family-run local success story. Beginning in December of 2012, it is owned and operated by Ilse and Hugo Bonjean and their family.

See first-hand how it’s all made at Alberta's original distillery and then stay around for tastings and a delicious locally-sourced menu!

Bluerock Gallery is a unique destination art gallery based in Black Diamond, Alberta specializing in local fine arts and crafts including pottery, gift cards, jewelry, and inspiring books. Its vision ..

In the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, the Black Diamond Gallery opens the doors to exotic treasures and tribal art from around the world!

There's something for everyone at Granary Road. The Market is beautiful year round with an authentic ranch feeling in the summer and a warm cozy ambiance in the winter.