On November 30th, The Most Beautiful Art Tour in Alberta showcases a community of art galleries and studios across the foothills, and is a great way to fill a fall day!
Your first stop upon arriving in Okotoks, is Lineham House Galleries . This historic house is a destination space within the heart of the Olde Towne Okotoks. Brimming with work from local artists and artisans, this energetic spot makes for a serene and peaceful place to start your day.
Not far down the road, you will find the second stop on the tour:the Okotoks Art Gallery. Reflecting a wealth of creativity and dynamic energy, this incredible gallery located within a historic 1929 Canadian Pacific Railway's Okotoks Station is home to unique exhibits and educational displays.
With the foothills in the foreground and a backdrop of the great Canadian Rocky Mountains, follow Highway 7 westward to the charming town of Black Diamond. This cool little town offers up your next three stops, as well as a varied choice in cuisine.

 Bluerock Gallery is a destination art gallery located on Centre Avenue, Black Diamond's eclectic downtown corridor. The gallery is home to fine art, jewellery, pottery and textiles. It also hosts an extensive collection of books from near and far.
A few blocks south is the incredible Firebrand Studios, where artists Julia Reimer and Tyler Rock create internationally-collected glassworks. Watch a glassblowing demonstration or browse the studio and its selection of hand blown glass, awards, and custom pieces.
To arrive at stop five (and a view you won’t soon forget), head south out of Black Diamond on the Cowboy Trail to Eversfield Ceramics. Here is the home of artist David Barnes, an exceptional potter and sculptor who has seen his work featured throughout many exhibitions, museums, and galleries across the world. Chances are you saw some of his pieces during your stop at Blue Rock too!
Back on the road, you’ll head north on Highway 22, before taking a left and coming into Turner Valley via the south access road. Another cool little town, your two stops here showcase very unique talents. Up first, go meet Mady-Thiel Kopstein whose style ranges from abstract to impressionistic...or just straight from the heart. This foothills artist specializing in southern Alberta landscapes, abstracts, animals, ravens, and flowers is oft-inspired by her local landscape and has sold pieces worldwide.
If you look up, you’ll see the large foothill that hides your next destination. Head back out of Mady’s subdivision and drive yourself up to another incredible view, home to the studio of Susan Kristoferson. Specializing in unique hand dyed and painted papers, Susan creates complex collage paintings and unique objects that have been shown in more than 200 exhibits, and in collections across the US, in Japan and Canada.
Upon leaving, you’ll take another beautiful drive to uncover a stunning gallery hidden amongst the rolling foothills. This final stop, the Leighton Art Centre is a historic heritage home which now serves an art gallery, museum, education, and all Canadian gallery shop. Situated on 80 acres, you can't help but marvel at the  spectacular views of the foothills and Rocky Mountains, there’s no better way to end your day.
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This tour stops at

Lineham House Galleries is a showcase of Southern Alberta artists and artisans housed in the historic home of the founding family of Okotoks and located in the historical heart of Olde Towne on Elma S..

The Okotoks Art Gallery (OAG) reflects the Town of Okotoks' wealth of creativity and dynamic energy.

Bluerock Gallery is a unique destination art gallery based in Black Diamond, Alberta specializing in local fine arts and crafts including pottery, gift cards, jewelry, and inspiring books. Its vision ..

Come visit the studio and see their beautiful artwork and one of kind commissioned awards, or take a glassblowing workshop!

Specializing in unique hand dyed and painted papers, Susan creates complex collage “paintings” and unique objects.

Situated in A.C. and Barbara Leighton's original home, the Leighton Art Centre is a Heritage Home Museum that offers a vibrant display of Alberta's artists both past and present. With 80 acres of land..