This tour is self driven and available all year round, although seasonal hours may affect some stops.

Heartland is an iconic Canadian TV show that covers the highs and lows of a ranching family, and has been filming at various locations throughout the foothills since 2007. This version of the tour will take you from downtown Hudson (aka High River) and through the foothills back to Calgary.

This tour starts off with a stop at the unofficial home of Heartland, the Museum of The Highwood. This historic Canadian Pacific Railway station houses an exhibit featuring costumes, props, pictures, and even a menu from Maggie's Diner. It also offers knowledgeable staff for Heartland insights and tour recommendations, as well as the opportunity to test your knowledge with a Heartland quiz or pick up your favourite souvenirs!

A walk in any direction will show more Heartland hot spots, from mementos available at Walkers Western Wear and Olive & Finch, to strolling down 3rd to visit the fictional downtown of Hudson and cafe Maggie's Diner.
While 4th avenue also offers some Heartland history, you'll most likely want to head over to George Lane Park to relive the action shot at the red gazebo within its boundaries.

Hoping back in your vehicle, it's time to venture deeper into the foothills to and some unique filming locations for iconic scenes in the show.
Driving north from High River via Okotoks, your next stop will be the Millarville Church where Lou's wedding took place. This beautiful log chapel is mere minutes from your next stop at the Millarville Racetrack. Home to one of the foothills best farmer's markets (Saturdays June to October), it's also home to all of the rodeo, horse racing, and green/white stable scenes.

Moving along, your next stop will be at the beautiful Leighton Art Centre. While some filming has been done here, a stop for the art, history and view are worth it all on their own.

Last but not least, a stop at the historic Spruce Meadows showcases some additional filming locations and brings you back to the south east end of Calgary.

This tour can also be done in reverse, or can be altered to include horseback ride that showcases the home ranch and countryside the show is filmed on.

This tour stops at

Located in a former CPR station built in 1912, The Museum of the Highwood hosts fascinating exhibits, extensive archives, photographic collections and High River's Visitor Information Centre.

This hidden gem of a campground is walking distance from the sights and sounds of High River!

This vertical log church was built in 1896, and over a 120 years later remains an active community hot spot and a well-loved, especially to Heartland fans.

Located only 35 minutes southwest of Calgary, The Millarville Racing & Agricultural Society has been in existence for more than one hundred years. They host family oriented event such as their seasona..

Situated in A.C. and Barbara Leighton's original home, the Leighton Art Centre is a Heritage Home Museum that offers a vibrant display of Alberta's artists both past and present. With 80 acres of land..

Since its official opening in 1975, Spruce Meadows has created a unique environment of good friendship, commerce, and sport. We are committed to being a leading venue for international horse sports.