Start you day bright and early like the cowboys have done since the birth of Alberta with some strong cowboy coffee or tea at the round-up camp of the Bar-U ranch, the first settlement in Western Canada.  Soak in and explore Alberta's cowboy heritage at the Bar-U before moving on to Western Canadian lunch at the historic Twin Cities hotel in Longview.  Move on to a modern twist of the Foothills culture, Spirit Hills honey wines, which have created international acclaim for the Foothills honey wines in Europe and Japan and end the day with a visit to the Leighton art centre to be in awe of the Foothills creative talent.  

This tour stops at

Established in 1882, it is one of longest standing ranches in Alberta and has hosted princes, outlaws, and a whole lot of history!

The Twin Cities Hotel still has its original 1938 first-class country charm, plus you can experience a bit of Little New York history. Sunday afternoons feature smooth unplugged music performances by ..

Spirit Hills Winery is a true family-run local success story. Beginning in December of 2012, it is owned and operated by Ilse and Hugo Bonjean and their family.

Situated in A.C. and Barbara Leighton's original home, the Leighton Art Centre is a Heritage Home Museum that offers a vibrant display of Alberta's artists both past and present. With 80 acres of land..