Start the day with a magnificent drive through the foothills to the Leighton Art Centre.  Soak in the views and discover the artworks of the foothills artist.  Have lunch at the Granary Road Market and spend the afternoon enjoying one of the spectacular jumping competitions at Spruce Meadows.  End your day in style with a romantic fine dining experience with gorgeous mountain views at Azuridge hotel.  

This tour stops at

There's something for everyone at Granary Road. The Market is beautiful year round with an authentic ranch feeling in the summer and a warm cozy ambiance in the winter.

Situated in A.C. and Barbara Leighton's original home, the Leighton Art Centre is a Heritage Home Museum that offers a vibrant display of Alberta's artists both past and present. With 80 acres of land..

Since its official opening in 1975, Spruce Meadows has created a unique environment of good friendship, commerce, and sport. We are committed to being a leading venue for international horse sports.

Resting atop foothills that roll out to Alberta's Rocky Mountains, Azuridge is a masterpiece of style and luxury. Once a private residence, this extraordinary estate was transformed in 2011 and is now..