About Foothills

Foothills County is over 3,600 square kilometers of rural diversity, and it's rolling foothills are the panoramic gateways to the Rocky Mountains. A place of great beauty and stunning scenery, it's also home to some of Alberta's first footsteps, our sustainable future, and a bunch of cool little towns!

The expansive region shows a different side of Alberta and is densely packed with experiences. Within its beautiful boundaries you'll find various ways to escape and enjoy nature, deep cultural heritage and history, an area teeming with vibrant arts and world class food & beverage.

Foothills County offers vast open spaces, friendly faces, and authentic places.
What will be your Foothills story?

You can visit the county website here.

Tours that go through Foothills

Granary Road offers over 25,000 square feet of year round market and 35 acres of interactive, educational and fun experience for all ages to enjoy.

Start the day with a magnificent drive through the foothills to the Leighton Art Centre. End your day in style with a romantic fine dining experience with gorgeous mountain views at Azuridge hotel.

Travel from Calgary to Hudson (aka High River) by following a winding Heartland highlight tour through the foothills, ending up where it all goes down.

Top Places to Discover in Foothills

This unique six and a half acre retreat is just minutes from Calgary and offers panoramic views of the city skyline, abundant wildlife and the opportunity to "get away from it all".

There's something for everyone at Granary Road. The Market is beautiful year round with an authentic ranch feeling in the summer and a warm cozy ambiance in the winter.

30 years ago Paul and Karen Hamer planted Saskatoon Berry seedlings on a piece of property at the convergence of the Sheep and Highwood River, just outside of Okotoks. With horticulture backgrounds an..