About Black Diamond

Black Diamond boasts unending culinary, shopping and community surprises. Hundreds of artisans, authors, musicians, crafters, farmers, growers, collectors, chefs, bakers and makers are the heart of our cool little town.

We are a picturesque community that is a favourite destination for those who love our eclectic mix of contemporary creativity and traditional cowboy culture.

We invite you to visit us in every season to visit one of our many boutiques, cafés, specialty restaurants, art galleries, and artisan studios.

Tours that go through Black Diamond

This tour will give you a taste of the foothills cowboy life, our oil and gas history and of the new word class culinary developments in foothills.

What could be better for some family hands on experience than berries, bees and beer.

This tour will get you and your friends out on the highway…. looking for adventure…. and whatever comes your way…

Top Places to Discover in Black Diamond

In the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, the cool little town of Black Diamond is home to many unique shops. One of which is Bali Bling, essentially an eclectic mix of clothing, jewelry and home decor..

Branch is a unique store in the bustling artistic town of Black Diamond. Carrying a beautifully curated selection of locally made goods and gifts, home decor, as well as offering modern craft workshop..

Repurposed furnishings, home accessories and women's fashion and accessories...

Upcoming Events in Black Diamond

A car show with a purpose. Come check out some pretty sweet rides and fight cancer at the same time!