The Misery Mountain Boys at Auditorium Hotel

Free admission and it's wing night? More than enough for us.
Oct 11 - Oct 11

Come hear the playful bass lines, energetic, snare-heavy drums, meandering & melodic clarinet, and skillful jazz guitar and gentle, gravely voice that form the musical landscape of the Misery Mountain Boys!

Harkening back to a simpler time, the MMB’s create a collaborative soundscape infused with humour, tongue-in-cheek wit, nostalgia, and playfulness. With a mix of catchy originals and contemporary songs re-imagined in driving swing, the melodies of the MMB’s deliver themselves as both surprising and inevitable. The band offers a diverse range of sonic experiences, urging audiences to gyration in the tassel-clad, sweaty swing numbers, and swaying in the velvety jazz tunes.

You won’t wanna miss this night of great music, back by popular demand for their album release!
Paying homage to the Prohibition era practice of transporting liquor in milk bottles, their new release, “Milk & Moonshine”, is an embodiment of simplicity & rhythmic abandon. Moving organically from jazzy shuffles to saccharine love songs to upbeat jump blues, the collective delivers an offering both lighthearted and confident, breezy and grounded in their shared love of entertainment. The album listens as a piece that could very well be live - interspersed with candid count-ins and spontaneous instrumentals, but cleanly produced and thoughtful in its execution.

Event Details
Address: 2011 – 20th Ave, Nanton, Alberta
Start Date: Oct 11
Start / End Time: 9 PM

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Located less than an hour south of Calgary, The Auditorium in the cool little town of Nanton is establishing itself as a venue for consistently good quality roots music featuring local and touring act..