Sounds of the Season

Celebrate the holidays with the Rocky Mountain Symphony Orchestra and guest soloists at legendary Spruce Meadows!
Dec 07 - Dec 07

The Rocky Mountain Symphony Orchestra is pretty unique. While some are professional musicians, others are lawyers, mechanics, farmers, and of course high school band teachers. Don't be fooled, this group is united by their desire to play at a high level and do so in unique venues.
The shows are relaxed and approachable, complete with great program to help listeners. In addition the musicians explain the music they'll play, the shows bring excitement and musical excellence for all ages everywhere they tour.

Join the Rocky Mountain Symphony Orchestra at legendary Spruce Meadows Riding Hall for a brilliant evening of music!
More details and tickets available via their website.

Event Details
Address: 18011 Spruce Meadows Way SW
Start Date: Dec 07
Start / End Time: 6 - 10 PM

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