Poetry in the Foothills

Join us for a day of wordsmithing around the fire with top Canadian western poet, Doris Daley!
Nov 09 - Nov 09

Love language and want to turn your prose into poetry?
Then come join us around the fire for a day of wordsmithing with top Canadian western poet, Doris Daley, in the beautiful town of Turner Valley. With over twenty years of experience Doris will share tips/stories on creativity, craft and how to perform a poem in public. 

This is a workshop for people who love language, are eager to share and learn, who find inspiration in the unplugged outdoors of the west, who promise to cheer for one another and who hope to drive home with a few more tools in their poetry writing toolbox.
In one day we will tackle story, pacing, originality, revision, technique and sparkle as we explore all styles of poetry including rhyming, haiku, free verse, sonnets, experimental, even limericks. 
Doris promises a fun experience that blends the graceful and gritty components of poetry (pattern, meter, figures of speech, much more) with the inspirational.

Registration includes:
  • A Full Day Poetry Workshop with top Canadian Western Poet Doris Daley
  • A Catered Lunch 
  • Pen & Notebook 
  • 10-15 maximum in the group 
  • Alone time to scribble a few lines, ponder the universe, go for a walk, drink tea, hurl your thesaurus into the Sheep River, write an ekphrastic poem…basically, lots of choices!

9.30am Arrive at Diamond Willow Retreat
10am Workshop begins
12.30pm Break for a catered lunch
2pm Workshop continues 
4.30pm Workshop ends

Accommodations are available from the Diamond Willow Retreat if you would like to arrive the night before or stay the night after the workshop. If you do happen to stay in town on the Saturday, there will be a poetry reading at the Bluerock Gallery in Black Diamond.

Doris Daley – The Poet 
Twice named best female Cowboy Poet in North America, Doris has published two books of her own poetry and has contributed poems to other anthologies, most recently ‘Vista’s of the West,’ a collection of poetry and visual art that celebrates the beauty and spirit of the Rocky Mountains, Western foothills, prairie landscapes, and the natural inhabitants of these beautiful environments, for which she also wrote the foreword.
Doris was also recently the subject of a documentary film called I Found My Tribe...a look at the origins of the creative process, where poetry DNA comes from, what makes a poet and storyteller in the 21st century.
Doris has been an emcee and featured performer at every cowboy festival in Canada as well as many in the United States, including Texas, California, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Montana and Oregon. Previous performances have been with the Saskatchewan Opera company in Regina, the Philharmonic Orchestra in Reno and the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington, DC.
Born and raised in Southern Alberta ranch country, Doris Daley writes cowboy poetry that celebrates the humour, history and way of life of the west. Her great grandfather came west with the North West Mounted Police in the 1870s; her family has been ranching in the Alberta foothills for five generations. She is at home reciting her rhymes in convention halls, around campfires and everywhere in between.

“One of my truths is this: words matter. If everything is awesome, nothing is awesome. You can’t be very unique or quite unique. In my line of writing, finding a new metaphor or a pleasing rhyme is better than settling for a cliché or an exhausted slant rhyme. To use the right words in a gracious manner, that is always the goal.” - Doris Daley

“Here is what I know to be true about poetry. Poems catch us off guard, throw us unexpected images and slow us down in surprising ways. Poems can sometimes do what prose can’t. More isn’t always better. The best artists/chefs/sculptors/architects/writers/musicians know what to leave out as much as what to put in and the same holds true for poets. Fewer words sometimes say more than more words. Imagery helps us see old things in new ways. Poetry is meant to be read slowly, with pauses and long breaths and soft voices. Or bellowed from mountain tops, shouting into the wind- that’s good too! And sometimes, only a poem will do.” - Doris Daley 

Event Details
Address: Turner Valley
Contact: info@trueelk.com
Start Date: Nov 09
Start / End Time: 930 AM - 430 PM

Event By:

The Diamond Willow Bed and Breakfast is in a large country home set on 11 forested acres in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, just west of Turner Valley. Guests will enjoy 1 of 4 luxurious bedroom..