Oscar Nominated Short Films

Mar 03 - Mar 05

Awards season is here! Each year Showpass brings Oscar-Nominated Short Films to Okotoks. These films are typically harder to find and enjoy before the Oscar Awards ceremony and even harder to see on the big screen. They want to make it easy. Come enjoy the Animated Short Film Package, Live Action Short Film Package, and/or Documentary Short Film Package. You pick your schedule, binge the short films in a day, or spread it over a couple of days. The vote for "who will win" contest is back. If you can correctly predict who will win the Oscar they will enter your name in a draw for 2 free passes to the Okotoks Film Festival. They are giving away three prizes, one for each package.

Event Details
Address: 100 Stockton Ave, Okotoks
Start Date: Mar 03
End Date: Mar 05