Beneath The Arch: Weber Brothers

This dynamic duo combination will surprise you with their fresh approach to blues, rockabilly, and straight-out rock & roll!
Mar 21 - Mar 21

There are bands for which rock and roll is a lifestyle, and then there are bands for which it is life.
Between their renowned musical ability, high-energy, awe-inspiring performances and lessons learned first hand from rock n’ roll pioneers, a reputation as the “baddest band in the land”, “heroes of this generation” and “the future in the big shoes of the past” now precedes them. Whether it be their unrivaled power as a full rock band, or their undeniable chemistry highlighted in a head-to-head duo performance, The Weber Brothers always deliver.
Come see why they've performed alongside the Tragically Hip, Kris Kristofferson, Levon Helm, Garth Hudson, and Jeff Healey, as well as working with Ronnie Hawkins, Gordon Lightfoot, and Willie Nelson!

Over 16 years, 12 independent albums and touring extensively through U.S., Canada, and Europe comes to Turner Valley when the duo performs as part of the acclaimed Beneath The Arch series.
Rush tickets go on sale February 10th, catch all the latest details on the Beneath The Arch website.

Event Details
Address: Turner Valley
Start Date: Mar 21
Start / End Time: 730 PM