Beneath The Arch: Lonesome Ace Stringband

The Lonesome Ace Stringband bring old-time music for today's old soul to the Beneath The Arch Series!
Apr 25 - Apr 25

Bringing grit, skill and abandon to old-time Appalachian folk songs and fiddle/banjo tunes, this talented trio have a deep respect for the roots of their music. With a keen sense of innovation to their performances and material, the passion they have for their sound transcends both.

Consisting of just fiddle, clawhammer banjo, and upright bass, the band moves freely between having a sound so powerful that it doesn't seem like it should be coming from a trio, to a sparseness and fragility that draws the listener in and refreshes the ear. All three members are also compelling lead singers, each with his own character and range.
The Lonesome Ace Stringband is an old-time band with bluegrass chops that play some righteous folk and country music.

If this sounds like your jam, rush tickets go on sale March 23rd and you can see the latest on the Beneath The Arch website.

Event Details
Address: Turner Valley
Start Date: Apr 25
Start / End Time: 730 PM