Romance in the Foothills

Posted on: Aug 20, 2019

There is no more romantic time of year than summer. If you need confirmation, just listen to Danny and Sandy croon “Summer Nights” in Grease. That’s right Valentine’s Day, it’s summer that’s got us all hot and bothered!

For those looking to enjoy the season of love, we’ve got a beautiful little getaway suggestion for you. Nestled right in the Alberta Foothills are two places that will inspire a love poem, a proposal or maybe even a spring chick! And you can enjoy them both with just one night away, but we have a feeling you will want at least two.

Your day will  start at Spirit Hills Winery, a truly picturesque spot where the birds do it, the bees do it, even educated fleas… wait there are no fleas, we promise! But there are birds and bees, and those bees have a little magic in them. It is through their pollination and honey that the crew at Spirit Hills makes some delicious local wines.  

Your stop will include a tour through the winery which covers the story of bees, honey harvesting, wine making and bottling. You will get to hold a honey frame, see the honey extraction equipment, the wine fermentation room and the bottling line. We think the best part is when you get to taste all of their wines and learn about what makes Alberta wine so special. It’s impossible to choose a favourite, but the Saskwatch wine showcases some beautiful prairie flavours including Saskatoon Berries and Wildflower Honey. 

With your bottles of wine in hand, enjoy the drive to your next stop, the Azuridge Estate Hotel. This hotel will provide you with exceptional service, food and memories. It rests atop the foothills that roll out to Alberta’s Rocky Mountains. The design of the estate blends outdoors and indoors seamlessly with floor to ceiling windows on the main floor, providing a panoramic view of the landscape.

The Azuridge Hotel is truly a feast for the senses. After enjoying the views and strolling through the beautiful property you are sure to have worked up quite an appetite. Their award-winning chef, Yoshi Chubachi incorporates his Asian and French influences while he challenges the traditional Canadian cuisine. Guests can expect a menu that will feature local game and inspiration by the natural elements of minerals and gemstones – a signature of Azuridge Estate Hotel.

After a delicious meal you can retire to your room, one of only 13 rooms (it is that private!) at the Azuridge Hotel. They each have a unique theme named for the minerals featured at the hotel. You will be lavished in comfort and be able to relax after a full-day of romance and fun in the Alberta Foothills!

This might be one Foothills story you don’t want to share! 

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