It’s been a long week, have a drink!

Posted on: Aug 28, 2019

This isn’t a post for teetotalers, but if you fancy a cocktail sit back and take a read! We are forever inspired by the Alberta Foothills, from the views to the culture, there truly is something for everyone. One thing that has us coming back for more are the tasty drinks being served up by some incredible local businesses.

Please note, these drinks are our faves, but if they aren’t leaving you thirsty go and check out the amazing breweries, distilleries, wineries and meaderies, we promise there is a drink for you in the Foothills. 

The Prickly Pear Nightcap:

1 healthy pour of Eau Claire Distillery’s Prickly Pear Equinox (2oz or more!)
Crushed up raspberries from your garden or local Farmers Market
Tonic Water (might we suggest the one available at Eau Claire??)

Muddle those raspberries and vodka together, add your ice and top with tonic. Sit back and enjoy!

The Wild West Rosy

2 parts Spirit Hills Winery, Wild Rosy
½ part Highwood Distillers, Potter’s Traditional Dark Navy Rum 
½ part Orange Juice (if you really want an experience, fresh squeezed would be a game changer!)
1 part 7-up

Mix it all together, head outside and enjoy your delicious drink!

Spicy Beer-Garitas

1 can of Hard Knox Brewery, Burning Fuse - Seasonal IPA
1 shot of Tequila
1 shot of Highwood Distillers, Abstract Triple Sec 
1 shot of sweetened lime juice (let’s be real, frozen lime concentrate does the trick!)
½ a lime’s worth of fresh squeezed juice
Optional - a sliced jalapeno garnish

Pour that beer over some ice in a nice tall glass, add your ingredients and drink-up. But be warned, that beer is over 7% so this is a one and done kind of drink!

Tells us about your favourite cocktails, and always enjoy responsibly!
Being responsible means every adult Albertan makes informed choices when consuming alcohol and takes an active role in creating a safe and social drinking culture that will reduce the harms related to the over consumption of alcohol.

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