Glamping with Meska Outdoors

Posted on: Apr 28, 2021

The call is out to all those who aren’t quite sure if they are outdoorsy or not, and those who know they are, but want to upgrade their camping experience. Glamping has arrived in Black Diamond, Alberta and if you aren’t a nature lover yet, you soon will be.
Picture yourself in a queen-size bed; no, not a pump-up air mattress – a real bed. You’re under the stars, enjoying nature. You’re in a tent, and you’re not uncomfortable. You’re camping? No. It’s definitely glamping.
This summer, let Meska Outdoors show you their take on camping. Glamping season is here, and you can now book your stay at a five-staresque tent suite at the Black Diamond Campground.
Let the slower pace of this small, Alberta town be your guide as you take in the sights and sounds of the Foothills. With the Sheep River at your back, revel in the scenery in your home away from home on the Eastern Slopes. 
Black Diamond is a town on the grow, with recreation, comfort food, quaint shops and a boomtown look. A short drive and you’re in Kananaskis Country with hiking, horseback riding and fishing.

Gavin Stuart of Meska Outdoors saw the obvious charm and picked this stunning, Foothills location for the flagship venture.

“Honestly, I think Foothills County is one of Alberta’s best kept secrets,” states Stuart. “The views are stunning, the history here is inspiring and it feels like there’s always a special secret just around the corner.”

Stuart believes there is a special reward waiting for those who eschew the conventional Alberta getaways and take a chance on the less explored regions of the province.

“From cowboy culture and horses, to artisan food and microbreweries, longboard and bike shops, to art tours and farm stays – this community is just so alive; and I couldn’t be happier to be part of it,” Stuart explained. 

The idea of starting a business in glamping was not borne out overnight. When Stuart, a trained pilot with a decade of experience, found himself laid-off in 2020, he realized he’d been sitting on this idea for years – to make the outdoors accessible to everyone.

“Over the last ten years or so, we’ve seen an explosion of sustainable tourism and interest in other ways of exploring our backyard,” he described. “And I’m right in there working on bringing some of the best experiences home to Alberta.”

You can find Meska Outdoors at the Foothills Lions’ Campground in Black Diamond, starting in May. Working with other, local purveyors of Foothills adventures, when you book your stay with Meska, you can rest assured you will discover a piece of Alberta that you’ve been sorely missing. 

“Don’t get me wrong, the scenery in our mountains is world class, but there’s a lot more to Alberta than the national parks,” says Stuart. “So, I’d say, get a little adventurous, find your Alberta spirit, and get out to discover something new.”
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