Foothills Faces – Shelly Faulkner of Bluerock Gallery

Posted on: May 25, 2021

Name: Shelly Faulkner
Hometown: Calgary
Business: Bluerock Gallery
Job Title: There are so many. Co-owner (the camera-and-publicity-shy one), Resident Book Nerd, Champion Duster, to name a few.
Best part of the job: To spend every day immersed in this environment filled with beautiful handmade things, with people who revere them as much as I do. I feel lucky every day.
What do you love most about the Foothills: There is an incredible and close-knit sense of community here - people really look out for each other. It's a warm and friendly corner of the world.
Tips for tourists: Give yourself plenty of time for leisurely exploring! There is so much beautiful geography to see as well as the great shops and restaurants you'll find in town.
Gallery secrets: Some of my favourite parts of Bluerock are within the buildings that house the gallery; little things the public never sees. The panelling by the back door where the Woo family (the original owners of the property, who once lived here) used to mark their kids' heights in pencil as they grew - the last mark is from 1980. The creaky floors and drafty corners and the way we can still find surprises in old drawers, like button cards with the stickers for Woo's general store still on them. The photos and poems collected by various gallery owners and staff over the years, meaningful in one way or another, that are tacked up on the walls in the back rooms. Mary Oliver and Derek Walcott and Hafiz are all there, among many others. Though one of the best (and with the most straightforward advice) is just a simple unattributed quote: 'Relax. Nothing is under control.'