Foothills Faces – Santa Shops Local

Posted on: Dec 24, 2020

Santa made an early stop in the Diamond Valley last week. Spreading Christmas cheer and goodwill, he bolstered community spirit and filled the Oilfields Food Bank's coffers.

Jordan Geske of Innovate Media Canada was the mastermind behind the initiative. When he heard the annual Light Up Black Diamond event was cancelled due to the pandemic, he stepped up and invented Santa Shops Local.

Supporting local business during the 2020 Christmas season was also a focus. Pushing the concept of shopping locally and supporting buying from brick and mortar shops over online shopping, Innovate Media Canada put this challenge out to Foothills residents.

"We wanted to give people a kick – why not go to local store and see what they have?" said Geske.

Also on the table were free photos with Santa with the ask of a donation to the Oilfields Food Bank. Jordan and his team spend Saturday, December 19th touring around the community and taking Santa-distanced, porch photographs. These photos were paid for in part by the Town of Black Diamond.

"A lot of people won't be able to see their family at all, which really puts a damper on things," said Geske. He and his team wanted to provide an opportunity for people to send a card or email that says: "we're hanging in there and I hope you are too."

Those who wrangled a photo with Santa received a coupon book from all participating businesses, again with all proceeds going to the food bank. Donations also come with the coupon book and are open until December 27th. Head to their website or directly to their Go Fund Me page to top up the food bank fund.

C'mon Foothills, let's show Santa what we're made of.