Foothills Faces – Nick Shipley of Hartell Homestead

Posted on: Apr 23, 2021

Name: Nick Shipley  
Hometown: Forest, Ontario  
Business and job title: Founder of Hartell Homestead  
A bit about you: I grew up in agriculture and with a passion for cows that brought me to Alberta 15 years ago to follow my dreams. I have always enjoyed sharing my love of agriculture with the public. I volunteered at museums and the Calgary stampede to bring people closer to the farm. In 2019 I was lucky enough to finally buy my piece of land here in the foothills with the dream to grow into a farm I could share with the community, since then we have been working to grow our business  and open the farm store on site allowing people to truly buy local and direct from ranches and farms in the foothills.  
Best part of the job? I love sharing my knowledge with the public and getting them to ask questions strait to the farmer instead of checking it out on google. The best has to be when children come out to the farm though they are so inquisitive and want to know where their food comes from.  
What do you love most about the Foothills? The community, I have lived all around Alberta and the community here in the foothills are some of the best most inviting people I have ever met. It truly feels like home and I am excited to be able to give back.  
Tips for tourists: don’t pet the elk, jk but actually don’t. Really just enjoy our community and treat it with respect. We truly enjoy getting to share our region with you and it always makes us remember how lucky we are to live here. (we do sometime forget how gorgeous our view ).  
Funniest on-the-job story? We are still rather new so I am sure more will come, first thing to come to my mind is one weekend we had a couple stop in driving a fancy convertible (top down). Well, if you have been to the farm in the spring our goats are free to meet and greet, so they decided to my horror to meet these new people jumped up and strait into this man's convertible. Luckily, he thought it was great and laughed as the goats quickly got out when they knew I was not impressed.