Foothills Faces – Millarville General Store

Posted on: Sep 15, 2020

Name: Tim Babey, owner of the Millarville General Store

A bit about Tim: I’ve lived in the Millarville area for 13 years now and really enjoy the people and beautiful landscape we are surrounded by. My working background has been as a chef and bistro manager for many years now, and I also bring a degree in tourism to the table.  I am really looking forward to bringing together my loves both of Millarville and area, and of providing a stellar customer experience. I hope to feature more regional items, to bring some fresh exciting ideas, and to truly embrace the enchanting history of Millarville.
Personally I love back country skiing, cycling and playing the mandolin in a bluegrass band.

Best part of the job? The commute! The people! The views! The history! The responsibility of taking care of this amazing foothills icon!

What do you love most about the Foothills? Have you noticed how happy everyone is out here? There’s a reason for that! I feel that this is a hidden gem and people are only now beginning to discover this jewel.

Tips for tourists: Get exploring! The hills are filled with incredibly talented people, artists, blacksmiths, foodsmiths, the list goes on and on. Not to mention the hiking, horseback riding and cycling adventures!

Funniest on-the-job story?  I’ve only just begun at the store, but meeting the owners of the store from back in 1959 was a real highlight of my day. And although it’s not funny, I met my wife at the Millarville Rodeo in the middle of a deluge while working at the Millarville Racing and Agricultural Society.