Foothills, a new Alberta Tourism Destination

Posted on: Jun 18, 2019

The history of the Foothills of Alberta is rich and diverse. It includes a robust history of cowboy culture, horse racing, show jumping, farming, food, beer, wine, spirits and more.

Until now, there has not been a unified tourism marketing approach of the many businesses of the Foothills. The Foothills Tourism Association (FTA) is dedicated to the promotion and development of the visitor economy in the Foothills region. The FTA markets the region extending from Bragg Creek to the historic town of Nanton, southwest from Calgary along Highway No. 2 and into the breathtaking Eastern Kananaskis. 

The Foothills Tourism Association website is a comprehensive guide to the tourist opportunities available in the region, inviting visitors to choose their destinations based on their interests. The association’s website lists just under 200 businesses and is projected to grow to over 500, based on the association’s tourism asset research. 

Foothills Tourism has worked closely with Travel Alberta to develop a cohesive website that provides travelers with customized listings. The website features a comprehensive listing of all Foothills-based events and a “build-your-own adventure” feature which allows the user to create their own tour. 

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About the Foothills Tourism Association:

The Foothills Tourism Association is dedicated to bringing together the businesses,
farms, municipalities, government agencies and other relevant stakeholders in the
Foothills region to create the ideal scenario for economic growth and development.