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Fall Photos in the Foothills


Posted on: Sep 25, 2019

Journey with us as we find the best spots for fall photos in the Foothills!

Apples or Pumpkins

De Winton

Posted on: Sep 23, 2019

The Fall battle royale!

Some delicious drinks inspired by the Foothills (and its booze)

Romance in the Foothills


Posted on: Aug 20, 2019

How to enjoy “Summer Lovin” Alberta Foothills style at Spirit Hills Winery and the Azuridge Estate Hotel

Turner Valley Gas Plant

Turner Valley

Posted on: Aug 12, 2019

The Turner Valley Gas Plant is a Provincial Historic Resource & a National Historic Site. It's also one of the locations that the new Ghostbusters was shot at. Just saying.

The Alberta Foothills are buzzing with activity this long weekend. With everything so close to Calgary, it’s the perfect destination for everyone!

Sometimes we miss the most amazing things, right in our own backyards. Here are a few of the fun places that you may not know about, but should definitely be on the radar as cool places to visit!

Summer Camps in the Foothills


Posted on: Jul 24, 2019

The stores may have their back to school promotions running, but it is still summer!! Here are some summer camp options to enjoy the rest of this year's summer months.

The history of the Foothills of Alberta is rich and diverse. It includes a robust history of cowboy culture, horse racing, show jumping, farming, food, beer, wine, spirits and more.