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Walk in the footsteps of the early explorers and discover Alberta's rich history of cowboy culture,
horse racing, show jumping, farming, food, beer, wine, spirits and more. What's your Foothills Story?

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Since it's official opening in 1975, Spruce Meadows has created a unique environment of good friendship, commerce, and sport. We are committed to being a leading venue for international horse sports.

Spirit Hills Winery is a true family-run local success story. Beginning in December of 2012, it is owned and operated by Ilse and Hugo Bonjean and their family.

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Start you day bright and early like the cowboys have done since the birth of Alberta with some strong cowboy coffee or tea at the round-up camp.

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Catch the exciting action of Canadian Premier League Soccer with Calvary FC!

Aug 22 to Aug 24

Count the moons of Jupiter and observe the angle of Saturn’s rings as they move through Sagittarius!

Great local vendors, kids activities, food trucks, live music and a beer gardens!