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  1. To develop and grow a strong agricultural and entrepreneurial rural business community injected by a constant source of outside dollars.
  2. To bring tourists, provincial, national, and global to Foothills businesses.
  3. To attract provincial and corporate funds to the development of the industry.
  4. To work together with municipal and town councils to develop a local government framework that welcomes and stimulates agri-tourism and rural experiential tourism in the region.

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The Foothills Tourism Association is developing an all encompassing webpage promoting all tourism related businesses in the Foothills region. The website will be user friendly for smart phones, tablets and desktops.

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Our Vision

A Foothills rural and agricultural community that thrives because of the added value of tourism opportunities and whose benefits include and spill over to the towns within the region:

  1. Increased economic activity.
  2. Creation of jobs.
  3. Infrastructure investment.
  4. Reduced rural crime.
  5. Retention of agricultural land.
  6. Implementation of quality agricultural practices.
  7. Protection of natural environments.
  8. Creation of a bridge between urban and rural citizens.
  9. Retention and attraction of young people to the community.
  10. Spill over effect to other businesses.
  11. Increase in acreage land value.
  12. Preservation of agricultural roots and traditions.
  13. Diversification of agricultural businesses and increase food security.
  14. Diversification of agricultural businesses and increase food security.

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The economic slow down of the oil and gas industry can be noticed everywhere in the Foothills communities, from the farms and ranches that cannot count on secondary income from the oil patch, to slower business in restaurants and hotels, stagnating or declining real estate and an increase in rural crime. As a regional community we are blessed with other assets that can drive economic development.  Read more.

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